Why we remember

Why we remember

To remember not only the fallen, but the sacrifices made by the living who have experienced horrors which are simply beyond the comprehension of the unindoctrinated.

To acknowledge the sacrifice made by the families  of the fallen, and of all those who have served and who are still serving.

Because nobody ever truly comes home from War. Only a version of yourself returns. A haunted version, whose very soul has been irreversibly stained by the realization that Satan is in fact real, and he does indeed cajole decent people into doing awful things.

It’s the understanding of how unspeakably horrible one person can be to another. War forever taints’ you. Witnessing a flagrant disregard for the sanctity of life is not something you can unsee. It is this stain which affects every aspect of your civilian life, often for the rest of your life.

We remember our soldiers because they bear a terrible burden, so that others will never have to carry the painful weight of freedom.

To acknowledge the privilege we enjoy, of living in a peaceful country where our children can safely walk to school without the fear of their school being bombed.

We remember, because we acknowledge that we can’t ever fully appreciate the sacrifices, so we remember in lieu of understanding.

We remember, because it’s the best we can do, and the least we should do to honor our Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen both past and present.

We remember, because they likely know the unforgettable smell of burning human flesh, and the sound of the screams of the burning.

We remember them, because they can not forget.

We remember, because the survivors often struggle from debilitating depression, relentless nightmares,  and uncontrollable anger.

We remember because Veterans are at a much higher risk of suicide.

We remember them, because many of them can never find peace.

We remember them, because we don’t carry the burden of becoming them.

On November the 11th, we will remove our hats,  stand for our two minutes of silence, and we will remember them.