Operation Tango Romeo,
why I created it.

I was hesitant to attend in-person peer support.  But, the fella who invited me was persuasive, and I’m glad he was.

In time, I became the Peer Support facilitator.  The Canadian Department of National Defense provided me with the training to be certified, and my experience hosting workshops proved to be very useful.

Group members wanted a way to preserve the lessons which we shared in Peer Support, so Operation Tango Romeo was born.

Through the magic of Podcasting, Peer Support is now available to the world.

Veterans, First-Responders, and their families often feel isolated and alone as a result of trauma injuries.  By listening to this podcast, they are able to relate to the stories, which provides a valuable sense of connection.

Feeling that you are not alone is healing in itself, but PTSD recovery is an activity, not an event.  OP TR shares advice on which actions to take in order to heal.

Resources on healing and coping through various modalities are shared by having practitioners as guests. It’s up to the individual to pick the modality which works for them, and to do the work required to heal.